Small to Medium Accident Repairs

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Renew My Car Centurion’s

expert scratch repair and black trim restoration services, ensuring a flawless, refreshed, and polished look that stands out on every road.

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The ‘Success’ of the repair can be measured by comparing the colour and level of gloss to the original colour and finish to that of the rest of the vehicle. Both these aspects should match perfectly.

Drop-off and Pick-up Service

Renew My Car offer a Drop-off and Pick-up Service anywhere in Centurion

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Just speak to our Service Provider: Charmaine Pienaar

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Wheel Trim and Mag Repair

Revitalize your wheels with our precision wheel trim and mag repair services.
From minor scuffs to more extensive damage, we bring back the shine and style to your wheels, enhancing the overall appeal of your vehicle.

Polish and lens repairs at RMC Centurion

Polish and lens repair

Experience the brilliance of renewed car surfaces with our professional polish and lens repair services.
We eliminate imperfections, scratches, and haze, providing a crystal-clear finish that enhances both the appearance and safety of your car.

RMC Centurion - Accident Repair

Light accident repair

At Renew My Car Centurion, we specialize in expert light accident repairs to restore your vehicle's aesthetic and structural integrity.
Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques to seamlessly repair damages, ensuring your car looks as good as new.

Colour Coding at RMC Centurion

Colour Coding

Transform your car's aesthetics with our precise color-coding services.
Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a bold change, our experts match and apply paint with precision, giving your vehicle a custom and cohesive appearance.


Scratch Repair & Black Trim Restoration

Bid farewell to unsightly scratches and faded black trims with our scratch repair and black trim restoration services.

Our meticulous approach ensures flawless results, leaving your car with a refreshed and polished look.

Carlo du Plessis - Owner RMC Centurion

Carlo du Plessis

Carlo is the owner of Cencar, Cendiesel and Renew My Car - Centurion.

He is responsible for the smooth running of the businesses and ensuring all the customers are happy.

The Faces Behind Our Success

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Isabel Golden - Dealer Principal

Isabel Golden - Dealer Principal

Isabel is the Dealer Principal of Cencar, Cendiesel and Renew My Car - Centurion.

She ensures the smooth operation of the 3 workshops and can be contacted for any Enquiries.

Charmaine Pienaar - Service Advisor

Charmaine Pienaar - Service Advisor

Charmaine is the friendly Service Provider at Renew My Car - Centurion.

She can be contacted for any bookings or quotations or any follow-ups that you might have.

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RMC Centurion - Our Promise

For All Vehicles – light accident, scratch & dent repairs, wheel trim & mag repair, headlight lens restoration, black trim rejuvenation and much more…

Our Promise

Introducing Renew My Car

With the support of our worldwide technology partners 3M, Betag Innovation and Kansai Plascon, my team will impress you with their ability to make your car look new again, to sell it fast and for the best possible price.

We repair light and cosmetic accident damage on site, for a fraction of the usual fee. With Renew My Car there is no longer a need to send your car to an Auto Body Repair Shop for small repairs.

Renew My Car – Centurion, your On-Site Small To Medium Accident Repairs shop.

Action speaks louder than words. Call us today to arrange a Free Demonstration of what we can do for you!

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